Taking Nursery Rhyme Videos to another Level

Nursery rhymes are new models of molding our kid’s behavior. We need to start teaching our kids new rhymes while they are still at the infant stage. Our kids will start getting to learn more about the past century events and also know more about traditions. It is evident to find people not holding to their culture nowadays, but the majority of parents still want to instill the importance of knowing where you came from, what are the traditions and behavior acceptable in the society. These nursery rhymes videos will pass through many generations to come.

Origin of nursery rhyme videos

“Jack and Jill is a favorite nursery rhyme video that has French origins. This song was first originally sung in 1795. It is believed to have been written after the beheading of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. This song has ever been taught to our kids and is child-friendly. The another song which is commonly sung to date is the “ring a rosies” if it is a Humpty Dumpty song which talks of someone who was round shaped like had obese during the bubonic plague times. Teachers of these songs may not explain the origins to the kids but allow them to have fun and sing along to the song.